Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nostalgia Is Only Fun When You're Not Retarded

Here's a couple of stupid phrases that people use these days that annoy the fanny out of me. Some of them used under the guise of nostalgia are actually about as nostalgic as chlamydia.

1. "Only four more sleeps" - This once charming phrase was used to indicate a length of time in terms that a child would understand. These days, 'adults' use it for themselves as a 'funny' little throwback. I'd find it funnier if these people had been burned alive by Nazis. It's not funny, it's not nostalgic, you just have no personality. Now fuck off to the chamber, you idiots.

2. "Amazeballs" - People with no personality also tend to use this dumb as shit expression. They're also usually the type that wear t-shirts with Sesame Street characters on them. Morons.

3. The words/phrases 'girlies', 'my girlies', 'girloes' etc etc. - The annoying thing about these ones is that, if you use them, you're an absolute pretentious knacker who probably doesn't have any friends in the first place. Everyone I know who uses the phrase "going out with my girlies" on facebook can get raped.


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